Law Enforcement



Powrachute solution for Law Enforcement

The Powrachute solution for law enforcement is designed specifically for law
enforcement to serve the communities they serve. The powered parachute is
currently deployed by several police operations worldwide for some of the
following purposes:

1.        Homeland security missions
2.        Border patrol
3.        Drug Enforcement
4.        Aerial photos of crime scenes
5.        Lost or missing persons
6.        Fugitive Captures
7.        Prisoner Work Release
8.        SWAT team Aerial suport

The Powrachute Solution for Law Enforcement includes:

1.        One custom outfitted powered parachute.
2.        One custom "hanger on wheels" for quick deployment.
3.        10 hours of training for Powered Parachute.
4.        Annual maintenance program for the life of the aircraft.
5.        Integrated police radio