For the past 6 years, I have operated a very successful flight school located outside of Denver, Colorado. The school serves students across the nation as well.

Throughout the history of the school we have exclusively utilized Powrachute aircraft. We have used - for instruction and personal flying - both the Pegasus and the Airwolf. And without a doubt, we believe this was a highly successful decision.

The performance of both the Pegasus and Airwolf has met or exceeded our training requirements. All the aircraft are built to exacting standards assuring high levels of safety. The company's customer service has been nothing short of amazing. When we needed an occasional part, it was pulled from inventory - powder coated - and shipped immediately, and that means we have not had to endure any "downtime" in our training schedule.

We have gone to the use of the 912 Airwolf based on its performance at our density altitudes and it safely addresses all our training challenges. It is the perfect training platform and is built to withstand the occasional pilot "plunk".

Without hesitation, we would recommend Powrachute aircraft to any existing or future powered parachute pilot who is looking for quality, safety, and excellent customer service.

Ted Wilson, Owner / Chief Instructor,