Introduction of the Honda Viking 130hp fuel injected Airwolf. Imagine getting in your powered parachute and turning the key just like your car, no choke, no primer, simply turn the key and your engine is purring like a kitty cat. We are very happy with this new engine edition and the customer feedback has been very positive. Check out the new Honda Viking equipped Airwolf and you too might fall in love.


My Powrachute Pegasus surpassed the 1000 hour mark (1000.4 hours at the end of the flight) for total time in service. This flight was a 1-hour introductory flight for a 13 year old boy who really liked flying the Pegasus with the dual controls while at altitude.

The airframe is still as tight as ever originally purchased on 11/2002, and much of the hours accumulated are student training hours, which is harder on an aircraft than just being flown by the owner/pilot. This is a well built powered parachute aircraft, supported by the best company in the industry.
I’m proud to fly & represent Powrachute powered parachute light sport aircraft and invite you to “Ask any Pilot who flies one” and you’ll know why we do.
Phil Dietro: SP,CFI,DPE,SFIE. Inland Paraflite, Inc.