Service Updates

Below is a list of service bulletins for your aircraft and engine. Please check your aircraft and engine serial number to see all that applies to your aircraft. If you had a problem, incident or accident please fill out the Powrachute Feedback form and email, fax or mail to us. If you have any questions regarding any of these issues feel free to contact us.

Pegasus and Airwolf Feedback form

Powrachute Feedback Form

Airwolf 912ULS and Pegasus 582                                                         

POW-SB-08-25-08-1   Gasculator Safety Wire              

POW-SB-10-13-08-2    Front Fork Support

POW-SB-08-18-09-3     Fuel Gasculator Bowl

POW-SD-06-06-12-4  912 Engine, include ASB-912-061UL

Rotax 912ULS Engine Service Bulletins

ASB-912-061UL Rotax 912ULS Engine

SB-912-064ULR1 Periodic checking of the crankshaft journal

SB-912-067UL Fuel System

D06140  D06142  D06144      Change of Floats and periodic inspection of floats

Airwolf and Pegasus 100hr/Annual Inspection

Airwolf 100hr: Annual Inspection Checklist

Pegasus 100hr: Annual Inspection Checklist

Airwolf and Pegasus Pilot Operating Handbook or Maintenance Manual Revisions

AirWolf 912 POH REVISED 06/22/2015

Pegasus 582 POH REVISED 05/28/2007