For the past 6 years, I have operated a very successful flight school located outside of Denver, Colorado. The school serves students across the nation as well. Throughout the history of the school we have exclusively utilized Powrachute aircraft. We have used – for instruction and personal flying – both the Pegasus and the Airwolf. And without a doubt, we believe this was a highly successful decision. The performance of both the Pegasus and Airwolf has met or exceeded our training requirements. All the aircraft are built to exacting standards assuring high levels of safety. The company’s customer service has been nothing short of amazing. When we needed an occasional part, it was pulled from inventory – powder coated – and shipped immediately, and that means we have not had to endure any “downtime” in our training schedule. We have gone to the use of the 912 Airwolf based on its performance at our density altitudes and it safely addresses all our training challenges. It is the perfect training platform and is built to withstand the occasional pilot “plunk”. Without hesitation, we would recommend Powrachute aircraft to any existing or future powered parachute pilot who is looking for quality, safety, and excellent customer service.
Ted Wilson
Owner / Chief Instructor
I have been a Powrachute dealer since 2002. When I 1st flew the Pegasus, within 5 minutes after launch, I knew this powered parachute was the best flying ppc I had ever flown. The comfort with the sling seats was amazing, and I have back problems, so this is a big issue for me. The ergonomics are great, I don’t have to reach far to reach any of the controls I need to operate in flight, whether it be the throttle, nose wheel steering, or the optional aircraft radio & GPS I have installed on the Pegasus. It’s also easier to do maintenance on then other current powered parachutes I’ve worked with, and when a new one arrives, I don’t have to go behind them to fix little things they missed. it’s right, right out of the box as you would say.

The customer service was great back then. When the company was bought by the current owners, Jeff Williams, things got better. With Jeff’s vast experience as a machinist, the quality of the product improved. Fit & finish was better than ever, which I found hard to believe, since the plane was already an awesome aircraft, and besides making a great flying powered parachute, the customer service I receive is excellent. I get plane delivery as promised, I get parts when needed in a timely manner, which keeps me or my students airborne more than grounded. When they come out with a new feature, it is backward compatible, meaning it fits my 2002 Pegasus just as it fits the latest ones from the factory. My Pegasus, as of this writing has almost 1,151 hours on it, much of that training hours with new student pilots flying front seat in my Pegasus, and it has held up well. I get comments all the time about how new it looks, and when I tell students the age & hours on it, they’re amazed. The airframe is as tight as it was when new.

Another very important factor for me, in such a small industry, is their financial stability. Powrachute management is smart about how they do business, and have the resources to be able to deliver product as promised. This is very important because I don’t want to worry that when I send in customer funds for a new aircraft, that it will be diverted elsewhere, and leave me and my customer holding the bag. As I stated back in the early days of Powrachute, “Ask the pilot who flies one, and you too will fly a Powrachute.” Pegasus or Airwolf.

I’ve seen everything currently offered out there, looked at them as I would if i were looking to become a dealer for them, and I still choose to be a Powrachute dealer exclusively. I’ve been around flying powered parachutes since 1992, back in the Paraplane days, over 21 years now, so I do have the experience and speak from that.

Phil Dietro: SP,CFI,DPE,SFIE
Owner of Inland Paraflite
I have been involved with the Powrachute PPC Corporation since 2000 with my purchase of a PC2000 from Jeff Williams who was at that time a Michigan Dealer. Never at any moment was I promised something that wasn’t delivered on time, the service from Jeff and Powrachute has always been immediate. If myself or one of my customers ever needed parts, Powrachute (Jeff and Galen) would put these items on the top of the list so you would get back into the air as soon as possible. To me, this is Customer Service at the finest. In my 12 years now as a dealer I have never been disappointed with their Service nor the quality of the PPC’s they build.
Jim Cottrell
Owner of Eagle Airsports