About Powrachute

1 Committed to producing the highest quality products in the world!

2Utilize CNC Machines, making our parts to exacting standards. 

3Support that is unrivaled in any industry.

Research Our Company's History

Since 1999, when Powrachute first introduced the PC2000, to todays flagship the Airwolf 912ULS, we have manufactured over 1700 powered parachutes. A long standing reputation for performance, comfort, reliability and safety has earned us the leading position in powered parachute manufacturing. We continue to lead the industry with advanced designs, technology and product support. Every aircraft in Powrachutes fleet is backed by an extensive and dependable worldwide network of dealers and instructors. We hope you will join our exclusive family as an owner.


Powrachute Corporation was founded in January 1999 by Bill Amyx (Winner of Kansas Governor Award for Manufacturing Excellence). Bill Purchased his first PPC in July of 1996 and immediately was hooked on the sport. Being the successful businessman he is, he started evaluating the industry. After reflecting on the experiences he had with his PPC’s construction and factory service, Bill made a decision to start manufacturing his own.

Bill’s vision was to run a professional PPC manufacturing facility, like he had done with his previous successful businesses. The mission statement was simple; build the highest quality products, back these products with service that cannot be equaled, and be honest with your customers and dealers. The mission statement has proven to be successful. After starting with zero sales, three employees and one year of research & development, five short years later Powrachute Corporation became the industry leader out distancing its nearest competitor by over 70 units sold in 2003. Sales that year soared to 254 units. Now ten years later Powrachute has produced over 1700 aircraft flown around the world.

Bill decided to retire in 2005. Jeff Williams of Caledonia Michigan owned a large machine shop and was manufacturing most of the CNC machined parts for Powrachute at the time. Jeff was also involved in the powered parachute industry since 1996 and had become one of the nation’s top instructors and sold over 100 powered parachutes up to that time. Bill sold the company to Jeff and Deb Williams in 2005 knowing the company would be in good hands and would carry on the Powrachute tradition.